Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekly Casualty Lists: Week 48

The collateral impact of war:

-Half of Afghan parliament, unable to deal, walks out (Roggio) in angst over Baghlan incident a week ago in which security guards over-reacted to an attack, killing large number of civilians.
-Stress on U.S. soldiers continues unabated: Filed under "what was asked of us", IBC reports - "The number of civilians killed by US forces during November is now 75, including 2 children."


-------Name, AgeSrv BranchHometown

Rank, Unit

Location; Circumstance of Death

John J. Tobiason, 42U.S. ArmyBloomington
Sergeant 1st Class, 847th Adjutant General BN, 89th Regional Readiness Command
Baghdad; 28-Nov-07; Non-hostile - accident

Allen C. Roberts, 21U.S. MarineArcola, IL
Corporal, Marine Attack Squadron 214, Marine Aircraft Group 13, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, I MEF
Al Asad; 28-Nov-07; Non-hostile - vehicle accident

Name Not Released YetU.S. Armyn.a.
Not reported yet, Multi-National Division - Baghdad
Baghdad (western part); 28-Nov-07; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire

Isaac T. Cortes, 26U.S. ArmyBronx, NY
Private, 1stt Squadron, 71st Cavalry Reg, 1st Brigade Combat Team, (Light Infantry) 10th Mountain Division
Amerli; 27-Nov-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack

Benjamin J. Garrison, 25U.S. ArmyHouston, TX
Specialist, 1stt Squadron, 71st Cavalry Reg, 1st Brigade Combat Team, (Light Infantry) 10th Mountain Division
Amerli; 27-Nov-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack

Jonathon L. Martin, 33U.S. ArmyBellevue, OH
Staff Sergeant, 1st Squadron, 32nd Cavalry Reg, 1st Brigade Combat Team, (Air Assault) 101st Airborne Division
Regensburg, Germany; 22-Nov-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack


------Name, AgeSrv BranchCountry

Rank, Unit

Location; Circumstance of Death
Sergio Miguel Vidal Oliveira Pedrosa, 22Portuguese ArmyVila Nova de Gaia-Portugal
Private (soldado), Regimento de Infantaria 10
Wardak Province; 24-Nov-07; Non-hostile - vehicle accident
Daniele Paladini, 35Italian ArmyLecce-Italy
Maresciallo capo/Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd Reggimento Pontieri
Paghman; 24-Nov-07; Hostile - hostile fire - suicide bomber
Luke Worsley, 26Australian ArmySydney-Australia
Private, Special Operations Task Group
Karim Towt - east of (Oruzgan Province); 23-Nov-07; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire


Counted Civilian Casualties: 271 this week; 307 last week; 229 prior week.
Counted bodies found: 71 this week; 159 last week; 130 prior week.
Thursday 29 November: 24 dead
Afghanistan: Four civilians were killed and eight wounded during bombings in Kandahar province.
Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 1, Shaab; 6 bodies.
Al-Salam: mortars kill 12.
Okashat: 2 policemen killed in battle with gunmen near Syrian border.
Bamo: roadside bomb kills policeman.
Tikrit: gunmen kill Sheikh's son.
Hawija: gunmen attack mayor's convoy, kill guard.
Wednesday 28 November: 16 dead
Afghanistan:The governor of Nuristan province said NATO airstrikes killed 12 civilian road workers.
Baghdad: 3 killed in explosion, Nafal al-Shurta; 3 bodies.
Haqlaniya: 5 killed in mortar attack.
Kirkuk: gunmen kill 2.
Tikrit: gunmen kill mayor.
Hawija: gunmen kill 1.
Mosul: gunmen kill policeman.
Tuesday 27 November: 71 dead
Afghanistan:A suicide bomb in a market in central Kabul killed two civilians and wounded four; Gulbuddin Hekmatyar claimed responsibility for the attack. A British friendly fire incident in late September killed two Danish soldiers in Helmand province.
Baghdad: US forces fire on minibus, kill 4, Shaab; US patrol fires on civilian vehicles, kills 2, Tobchi; woman is killed in grenade attack, Dora; 3 bodies.
Baquba: suicide bomber kills up to 13 at police station; suicide bomber blows herself up at a gathering of Iraqi civilians and US troops, kills 2.
Haditha: rocket hits market, kills 5.
Mosul: 2 killed in clashes; 9 bodies.
Tikrit: 4 bodies.
Nineveh province: 15 bodies of prisoners abducted the previous day by gunmen are found.
Monday 26 November: 19 dead
Baghdad: formerly displaced mother and 2 children killed by gunmen, after returning to their home, Saidiya; 4 bodies.
Mosul: roadside bomb kills civilian; 3 bodies.
Kut: gunmen kill policeman.
Kanan: al-Qaeda attack kills civilian.
Hilla: gunmen kill man in car.
Baiji: US forces open fire on vehicle, kill 2 men and child inside it.
Sunday 25 November: 50 dead
Baghdad: car bombs, roadside bombs kill 18 in Bab al-Muatham, Waziriya, Rostomiya, Rusafa; gunmen kill 11 members of journalist's family (his sisters, their husbands and 7 children) opposing US occupation of Iraq and the al-Maliki government; 5 bodies.
Baquba: gunmen open fire on car, kill 3 members of the same family.
Basra: gunmen kill civilian; 3 bodies.
Mandali: gunmen shoot 2 brothers.
Ramadi: US forces open fire on car, kill man traveling with his wife and children.
Saturday 24 November: 17 dead
Afghanistan:A Taliban suicide bomber killed nine, including six children and an Italian soldier, and wounded 12 during an attack in Kabul province.
Baghdad: 4 bodies.
Falluja: 2 bodies.
Mosul: roadside bomb kills policeman; 2 bodies -a university student and her mother.
Samarra: car bomb kills 3 policemen.
Hilla: 2 worshipers shot dead outside mosque.
Tuz Khurmato: body found.
Wajihia: body found.
Friday 23 November: 74 dead
Afghanistan:One Australian solider and three civilians were killed during fighting in Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan province.


None counted this week.

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