Monday, December 14, 2009

Housekeeping: Casualty Lists, Apologies

I have not been able to keep up the regular discipline. I want to get back to that.  It's important. 

I'm sorry that the country flags on older postings have disappeared.  The image hosting service that held them is defunct and it will take a long while to load up all the images again and to fix the old posts. 

How many times can we "lose" Afghanistan and still "win"?

Can you believe that some people are still arguing about when Operation Enduring Freedom became Operation Enduring, when it 'officially' jumped the shark?

They need to take some Viagra.  We knew this time last year that there was very little al-qa'ida in Afghanistan.  

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Romance is Gone

The days of sending nongay soldiers off to fight and die, "over there", while their gay countrymen remain stateside-safe is over, to the extent it ever really existed.

See here, a British platoon in Afghanistan loves their gay comrade, apparently. With luck, someday we can write the same, even about Christianist America.