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Weekly Casualty Lists: Week 43

Groups: MFN-Iraq, MNF-Afghan, Iraqi Civilian Casualties Count, Journalists (Iraq)

August wounded: 558 [a new section for wounded forthcoming ... soon, I hope!]

On an ad-hoc reading, there seems to be an uptick in violence in Mosul.


-------Name, AgeSrv BranchHometown

Rank, Unit

Location; Circumstance of Death

Anamarie Sannicolas Camacho, 20U.S. NavyPanama City, FL
Seaman, U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain
Bahrain; 22-Oct-07; Non-hostile

Genesia Mattril Gresham, 19U.S. NavyLithonia, GA
Seaman, U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain
Bahrain; 22-Oct-07; Non-hostile

Erik T. Garoutte, 22U.S. MarineSantee, CA
Corporal, 1st Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Company, Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, II Marine Expeditionary Force
Baghdad; 19-Oct-07; Non-hostile

Wayne M. Geiger, 23U.S. ArmyLone Pine, CA
Specialist, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, 1st Armored Division
Baghdad (eastern part); 18-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack

Jarred S. Fontenot, 35U.S. ArmyFontenot, LA
Staff Sergeant, 2nd BN, 12th Infantry Reg, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
Baghdad (southern part); 18-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED, small arms fire

Vincent A. Madero, 22U.S. ArmyPort Hueneme, CA
Specialist, 2nd BN, 82nd Field Artillery Reg, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division
Balad; 17-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack


------Name, AgeSrv BranchCountry

Rank, Unit

Location; Circumstance of Death
Larry I. Rougle, 25U.S. ArmyWest Jordan, UT
Staff Sergeant, 2nd BN, 503rd Airborne Infantry Reg, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
Sawtalo Sar Mountain, Kunar Province; 23-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire


Counted Civilian Casualties: 282 this week; 261 last week; 259 prior week.
Counted bodies found: 95 this week; 56 last week; 54 prior week.
Wednesday 24 October: 41 dead
Baghdad: roadside bombs kill 9, Jisr Diyala; 6 bodies.
Hibhib: mortars kill 3.
Zaghaniya: gunmen break into house, kill 3 (father and two sons).
Shalamga: landmine kills 7 -2 electricity workers repairing electricity line and 5 policemen accompanying them- near Basra.
Hilla: 3 people, including a child, killed during clashes between gunmen and police.
Baquba: civilian dies in shooting; 2 bodies.
Tuesday 23 October: 46 dead
Baghdad: gunmen kill 2 policemen, roadside bomb kills 1; 4 bodies.
Mikashifa: US forces kill 16 civilians, including 3 children, in air strikes near Samarra.
Baquba: roadside bomb blows up minibus carrying family to a wedding, kills 3 family members; gunmen kill 2; 1 bodies found.
Karbala: Iraqi police kill 2 young girls -3-year-old Mariam and her sister 18-month-old Ayat- in a house raid, while looking for their father.
Basra: 5 killed in clashes with Mahdi army; a woman is killed when a mortar strikes her house.
Mosul: 4 people killed, including a 5-year-old child killed by random fire and a woman struck by a random bullet inside her house.
Iskandariya: random fire kills girl.
Monday 22 October: 87 dead
Baghdad: roadside bomb in Zafaraniya, Karrada kill 7; during clashes with insurgents, 7 National Accord members have been killed, Fadhil; the driver of Radio Free Europe journalist has been found murdered, while the journalist is missing; 5 bodies.
Mahaweel: roadside bomb kills 2.
Iskandariya: an engineer is killed by gunmen; a man dies when a mortar hits his house.
Mosul: roadside bomb kills policeman; 6 bodies.
Kirkuk: 3 bodies.
Baquba: 3 bodies.
Anbar: mass grave containing 25 bodies is found.
Near Falluja: 15 bodies.
Sunday 21 October: 35 dead
Afghanistan:US forces killed 20 Taliban during a battle in the Korengal Valley in Kunar province on the border with Pakistan; three civilians were killed and eight wounded during the battle.
Baghdad: 17 reported dead in US raid (ground and air attack) over Sadr City -among the dead 3 children; mortar kills 3 inside a car, east Baghdad; 3 bodies.
Mosul: gunmen kill coach; 2 policemen are killed in clashes with gunmen; a former officer in the Iraqi Army is shot dead; a cement factory worker is shot dead.
Saklawiya: suicide car bomber attacks police checkpoint, kills 2 policemen, near Falluja.
Saturday 20 October: 31 dead
Baghdad: roadside bombs kill 2, Ghadir, Tobchi; 3 policemen killed during operations; 5 bodies; also 3 decomposing bodies of women found buried in Amiriya.
Iskandariya: roadside bomb strikes minibus, kills 3; roadside bomb strikes police patrol, kills 4 policemen.
Mosul: child killed in clashes between gunmen and Iraqi Army; 2 bodies.
Muqdadiya: US forces open fire at car, kill the driver.
Baquba: 3 bodies.
Basra: 1 bodies found.
Baiji: 1 bodies found.
Friday 19 October: 16 dead
Baghdad: 6 bodies.
Mosul: 2 bodies.
Muwailha: 2 bodies.
Mussayab: mortars kill 3 women.
Thursday 18 October: 26 dead
Baghdad: 5 bodies.
Baiji: US forces kill 4 civilians inside their car.
Basra: bomb blows up at school, kills 2 pupils.
Mosul: 2 policemen and a civilian killed by roadside bomb; another policeman shot dead by sniper; 2 bodies.
Dhuluiya: gunmen kill 3 tribesmen, members of 'Awakening' council.


None this week; 1 abuduction (see above)

src: MNF-I, MNF-A, journalists from; Iraqi Civiilan:; Afghan events from Bill Roggio, other sources

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