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Weekly Casualty Lists: Week 42

Groups: MFN-Iraq, MNF-Afghan, Iraqi Civilian Casualties Count, Journalists (Iraq)

August wounded: 558 [a new section for wounded forthcoming ... soon, I hope!]

Some soliders reported succumbing to wounds sustained some time ago, included Sergeant First Class Anthony Raymond Wasielewski, injured in Ramadi with company C. Spc. Adam D. Quinn, 22, of Orange City, Fla., died Oct. 6 at Forward Operating Base Phoenix, near Bagram, Afghanistan, of IED-related wounds.

Five journalists killed this week, one from WaPo.

The collateral damage has been undiminished, IBC reports

  • October: 42 Iraqi civilians have been killed by US forces so far in October -16 of them children.
  • September: 108 Iraqi civilians were killed by Americans (military and private contractors) in September -including 7 children and a 90-year-old man.
  • August: 103 civilians were killed by US forces in August, including 6 children.

-------Name, AgeSrv BranchHometown
Rank, Unit
Location; Circumstance of Death
Micheal D. Brown, 20U.S. ArmyWilliamsburg, KS
Specialist, 1st BN, 1st Aviation Reg, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Divisio
Landstuhl Reg. Med. Ctr.; 16-Oct-07; Non-hostile - illness
Thomas M. Martin, 27U.S. ArmyWard, AR
1st Lieutenant, 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th In
Baghdad (Al Busayifi); 14-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire
Kenneth J. Iwasinski, 22U.S. ArmyWest Springfield, MA
Private 1st Class, 2nd BN, 12th Infantry Reg, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
Baghdad; 14-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Justin S. Monschke, 28U.S. ArmyKrum, TX
Sergeant 1st Class, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Baghdad (Arab Jabour); 14-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Jason B. Koutroubas, 21U.S. ArmyDunnellon, FL
Specialist, Special Troops BN, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division
Tall Afar; 14-Oct-07; Non-hostile
Nathan Z. Thacker, 18U.S. ArmyGreenbrier, AR
Private, 2nd BN, 22nd Infantry Reg, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
Kirkuk; 12-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Donald L. Munn Ii, 22U.S. ArmySaint Clairs Shores, MI
Staff Sergeant, Special Troops Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division
Baghdad; 11-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Eric T. Duckworth, 26U.S. ArmyPlano, TX
Staff Sergeant, 759th Military Police BN, 89th Military Police Brigade
Baghdad; 10-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Samuel F. Pearson, 28U.S. Army ReserveWesterville, OH
Specialist, 376th Finance Company, 88th Regional Readiness Command
Camp Victory (at Baghdad Airport); 10-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - Rocket attack
Lillian Clamens, 35U.S. Army ReserveLawton, OK
Staff Sergeant, 1st Postal Platoon, 834th Adjutant General Company, 15th Sustainment Brigade
Camp Victory (at Baghdad Airport); 10-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - Rocket attack
Jason M. Lantieri, 25U.S. ArmyKillingworth, CT
Sergeant, 725th Brigade Support BN, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division
Iskandariyah; 10-Oct-07; Non-hostile - vehicle accident
Frank L. Cady Iii, 20U.S. ArmySacramento, CA
Not reported yet, 4th Special Troops BN, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
Baghdad; 10-Oct-07; Non-hostile


------Name, AgeSrv BranchCountry
Rank, Unit
Location; Circumstance of Death
Anders Storrud, 34Royal Danish Armyn.a.-Denmark
Major, Not reported yet
Upper Gereshk Valley - Helmand province; 16-Oct-07; Hostile - hostile fire - mortar attack


Counted Civilian Casualties: 261 this week; 259 last week; 230 prior week.
Counted bodies found: 56 this week; 54 last week; 53 prior week.
Tuesday 16 October: 37 dead
Afghanistan:A suicide bomber killed three siblings and his mother, as she attempted to stop him from carrying out his attack.
Baghdad:car bomb kills 5, Al-Naser square; roadside bomb kills 1, Arasat; gunmen fire at police checkpoint, kill 3 policemen, Maysaloon square; gunmen open fire at group of cleaners, kill 1; 4 bodies.
Mosul:suicide bomber blows up truck at police station, kills 7; policeman is shot dead; 2 bodies thrown out of a car.
Falluja:gunmen shoot dead member of 'Awakening Council', his son and his nephew.
Baquba:roadside bomb kills father and 2 sons; 2 bodies.
Kirkuk:2 bodies.
Abbasi:body found, beheaded and loaded with explosives.
Monday 15 October: 32 dead
Baghdad:suicide car bomber kills 4, Harthiya; 5 bodies.
Diwaniya:multi-national headquarters come under mortar attack, clashes between militia and multi-national forces ensue, followed by US shelling -5 civilians killed, 2 of them children under the age of 3.
Balad:suicide car bomber targets police checkpoint, kills 6 policemen.
Ramadi:3 bodies.
Mosul:2 bodies.
Basra:kidnapped professor's body found.
Sunday 14 October: 75 dead
Baghdad:car bomb kills 10, including 2 children, Kadhimiya; Salih Saif Aldin, Washington Post correspondent, shot dead, Saidiya; 5 bodies.
Samarra:suicide truck bomber kills 18 outside police station.
Kirkuk-Riyadh highway:gunmen kill 3 reporters.
Baghdadi:suicide car bomber kills police major and 4 members of his family.
Baquba:former Iraqi officer shot dead; 10 bodies found.
Al-Hadid:2 bodies.
Al-Khatoun:2 bodies.
Riyadh:3 members of Awakening Council die in US shelling.
Tikrit:journalist working for Sahrin newspaper is killed with 2 relatives.
Saturday 13 October: 05 dead
Afghanistan:A Taliabn suicide bomber killed one policeman and six civilians in Spin Boldak on the Pakistani border.
Baghdad:3 bodies.
Kirkuk:roadside bombs kill 2 policemen.
Friday 12 October: 18 dead
Afghanistan:Four police were killed and seven wounded in a bombing in Girshk in Helmand province. Mullah Naqib, a powerful Afghan leader in Kandahar, died of a heart attack.
Baghdad:car bomb kills 4, Bab al-Sharji; mortars kill 1, Dora; 4 bodies.
Tuz Khurmato:bomb near playground kills 3 -2 children and a father.
Kut:gunmen kill policeman, wound his pregnant wife, causing a miscarriage.
Mahaweel:1 bodies found.
Thursday 11 October: 59 dead
Afghanistan:four police were wounded in clashes in Kandahar's Zhari district.
Baghdad:suicide bomber blows up car outside internet cafe, kills 8, New Baghdad; roadside bomb targeting US troops kills 2 civilians; 5 bodies.
Kirkuk:suicide car bomber targets convoy of head of traffic police, kills 8.
Thar Thar:US forces kill 15 -6 women and 9 children- during air strikes.
Baquba:8 people killed in separate attacks by gunmen.
Diyala:gunmen kill 5 on Khalis-Kirkuk bus.
Latifiya:2 bodies.
Mosul:body of athlete found.
Basra:2 bodies.
Wednesday 10 October: 35 dead
Baghdad:roadside bomb, Karrada; gunmen shoot 2 people dead, Bayaa, Saidiya; policeman is shot dead on his way home; 6 bodies.
Tikrit:up to 10 reported killed after car bomb blows up the motorcade of the Head of National Security.
Mosul:suicide bomber blows up truck at KDP offices, kills 6.
Tal Afar:rockets hit home, kill 5 members of the same family.
Numaniya:body of 4-year-old boy, abducted three days earlier, is found hanged.


Eyad Tariq15-Oct-07
Eyad Tariq, an editor of al-Watan, a weekly newspaper in Tikrit, was killed along with two security guards for the news organization after dropping off a colleague at the airport
Salih Saif Aldin14-Oct-07
Salih Saif Aldin, 32, was reporting on the violence that has plagued Baghdad's Sadiyah neighborhood Sunday afternoon when he was shot in the forehead. A

src: MNF-I, MNF-A, journalists from; Iraqi Civiilan:; Afghan events from Bill Roggio, other sources

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