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Weekly Casualty Lists: Week 51

This update covers all since the last (Dec 5th), which is a period longer than a week.

IBC repors "10 mass graves have been found in the last 2 months containing 206 bodies."


-------Name, AgeSrv BranchHometown
Rank, Unit
Location; Circumstance of Death
Juctin R. P. Mcdaniel, 19U.S. ArmyAndover, NH
Private 1st Class, 524th Combat Service Support BN, 45th Sustainment Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command
Taji (Camp Taji); 17-Dec-07; Non-hostile - injury
Austin D. Pratt, 22U.S. ArmyCadet, MO
Sergeant, 2nd BN, 30th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat Team, (Light Infantry) 10th Mountain Division
Baghdad (Died in Balad); 15-Dec-07; Non-hostile
Jonathan A. Lowery, 38U.S. ArmyHoulton, ME
Sergeant 1st Class, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, III Corps
Mosul; 14-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire
Daren A. Smith, 19U.S. ArmyHelena, MT
Private, 3rd Squadron, 89th Cavalry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat Team, (Light Infantry) 10th Mountain Division
Baghdad; 13-Dec-07; Non-hostile
Samuel E. Kelsey, 24U.S. ArmyTroup, TX
Sergeant, 3rd BN, 7th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division
Tunis; 13-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Brynn J. Naylor, 21U.S. ArmyRoswell, NM
Specialist, 2nd BN, 12th Infantry Reg, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
Baghdad (southern part); 13-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire
Stephen Ferguson, 31British ArmyLanarkshire-UK
Guardsman, 1st Battalion The Scots Guards
Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, England; 13-Dec-07; Non-hostile - vehicle accident
Mark T. Carter, 27U.S. NavyFallbrook, CA
Chief Petty Officer, Navy SEAL
Iraq - details not released; 11-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire
Johnathan A. Lahmann, 21U.S. ArmyRichmond, IN
Specialist, 59th Engineer Company, 20th Engineer BN, 36th Engineer Brigade
Baiji; 10-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack (suicide vehic
Randy W. Pickering, 31U.S. ArmyBovey, MN
Specialist, Regimental Support Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Reg, 1st Armored Division
Baghdad; 09-Dec-07; Non-hostile


------Name, AgeSrv BranchCountry
Rank, Unit
Location; Circumstance of Death
Joshua C. Blaney, 25U.S. ArmyMatthews, NC
Corporal, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade
Forward Operating Base Curry; 12-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Michael J. Gabel, 30U.S. ArmyCrowley, LA
Staff Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade
Forward Operating Base Curry; 12-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Gregory L. Elam, 39U.S. ArmyColumbus, GA
Staff Sergeant, 54th Quartermaster Company, 49th Quartermaster Group, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
Kandahar; 11-Dec-07; Non-Hostile - Illness
Tanner J. O'Leary, 23U.S. ArmyEagle Butte, SD
Corporal, 1st BN, 508th Parachute Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
Musa Quala; 09-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
Lee Johnson, 33British ArmyStockton-on-Tees-UK
Sergeant, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards)
Musa Quala (Helmand Province); 08-Dec-07; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack


Counted Civilian Casualties: 254 this week; 271 last week; 307 prior week.
Counted bodies found: 84 this week; 71 last week; 159 prior week.
Tuesday 18 December: 50 dead
Baquba: suicide car bomber kills 2 policemen.
Abbara: suicide bomber kills 17 in cafe.
Mosul: gunmen kill 4; roadside bomb kills 2.
Sinjar: gunmen attack home of Yazidi family, kill 7.
Hadar: gunmen kill 6 men guarding oil pipeline.
Falluja: US forces shoot and kill 15-year-old driving too close to US army vehicle.
Monday 17 December: 41 dead
Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 2, Palestine St.; roadside bomb kills 1, Mohammed al-Qasim; roadside bomb kills 2, Karrada; 9 bodies.
Baiji: 2 policemen killed in clashes.
Dhuluiya: body found.
Mosul: suicide truck bomber kills 1 on bridge; US forces shoot and kill civilian after roadside bomb attack on their convoy.
Baquba: gunmen kill 3 in market; 6 bodies.
Balad Ruz: bomb kills 7.
Mansouriyah: mortars kill civilian.
Basra: gunmen kill civilian.
Sunday 16 December: 30 dead
Baghdad: 3 bodies.
Diyala: al-Qaeda attack on villages kills 17 residents.
Karbala: roadside bomb kills 2 policemen.
Balad Ruz: 2 killed in separate incidents.
Mosul: Awakening member killed in clashes.
Qalat Diza: 2 killed in Turkish air attacks.
Jalawla: gunmen kill mayor and companion.
Dojma: policeman killed in clashes with al-Qaeda fighters.
Baquba: 31 unidentified bodies are buried
Saturday 15 December: 25 dead
Baghdad: 6 killed in bomb attacks and gunfire, New Baghdad, Adhamiya, Bayaa; 4 bodies.
Karbala: 2 children are blown up by cluster bomb left over from 2003 invasion.
Diyala: 3 policemen killed battling insurgents.
Dhuluiya: Awakening member shot dead at checkpoint.
Al-Biaaj: Awakening member killed during battle with al-Qaeda forces.
Hdid: 4 bodies.
Mosul: 4 bodies.
Friday 14 December: 4 dead
Baghdad: 2 bodies.
Hayakel: policeman's body found.
Kirkuk: man killed in drive-by shooting.
Thursday 13 December: 28 dead
Baghdad: gunmen kill contractor, Mansour; car bomb kills civilian, Waziriya; 3 bodies.
Shaqraq: 5 (mother and her 4 children) killed in US shelling of village.
Mosul: gunmen kill woman who ran beauty salon; gunmen kill 4 policemen; 2 policemen killed in clashes with insurgents.
Baquba: gunmen kill woman; 4 bodies.
Khan Bani Saad: woman killed by roadside bomb.
Hit: suicide car bomber kills 2 policemen.
Dour: 2 bodies.
Hawija: body found.
Wednesday 12 December: 80 dead
Baghdad: car bomb kills 5, Ghadeer; 2 security forces killed in clashes with insurgents; 5 bodies.
Amara: 28 reported killed in 3 car bomb explosions.
Saydiya: gunmen kill headmaster and teacher inside school.
Baquba: 2 civilians killed during gunbattle; 3 bodies.
Kirkuk: roadside bomb kills civilian.
Hit: suicide bomber blows up car on bridge, kills 5.
Iskandariya: Awakening council member dies in US shelling.
Khanaqeen: 4 killed by roadside bombs.
Balad: woman killed by US fire during raid.
Latifiya: 2 bodies.
Mahaweel: 2 bodies.
Dour: policeman's body found.
Muqdadiya: mass grave containing 16 bodies (12 decapitated) is found.


None counted this week.

src: MNF-I, MNF-A, journalists from; Iraqi Civiilan:; Afghan events from Bill Roggio, other sources

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