Saturday, March 15, 2008

Odierno on the "Plus Up" - Five Years On

We've (again?) opened the door for moderate Islam, created an invitation to a better world, at great - great - sacrifice (that may never be repaid ten fold).

This is the analogy that I used some four years ago, as a left-liberal conceptualization of the OIF effort, and this is the first that I've seen the military finally come to the same point of view.

At this time, it is still very, very unclear that the struggle inside Islam has tipped in the direction of seizing that moment, and the door cannot remain open indefinitely while we wait.

Many rate the current status of the struggle a draw. While the forces of order are just as strong as the forces of chaos, arguably, outright corruption and otherwise weak institutions continue to be drags on building a new order, as significant as any. How does an army fight corruption?

We are still not at the point when we can say, stay-or-go we haven't "lost", because, in whatever case, we did the right thing for as long as possible/practical:

Let me close by emphasizing that there was much sacrifice to achieve these gains. Let us all nev­er forget those whose lives have been changed for­ever because of injuries and those who gave their lives fighting for the ideals of liberty as well as their loved ones. Their sacrifices were and are not in vain, and because of them the Iraqis have the right to choose their own destiny.

The gates of freedom remain open today because of our fallen comrades: noble and gallant warriors who gave everything so others can enjoy life, liberty, and happiness. We will honor their memory and remain dedicated to ensuring their sacrifices are never forgotten.

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