Sunday, March 04, 2007

Battle for Baghdad: By the Numbers, Feb Update

The guys over at Fourth Rail (linked on right) have put up an update to the Baghdad Order of Battle, which includes, broadly speaking, and update on the deployment/control of the Iraqi 6th Division and the "Augments" that have been pulled in as part of the Baghdad Security Plan. (Be sure to scan the reader comments, as well.)

The amount of work being put in to keep that blog spiffy is worth a medal. Bill is now doing daily updates (link).

Months ago, Rumsfeld said that we would find out if the 'parties in Iraq' would be willing to bet 'their future on a piece of paper', the new Iraqi Constitution. I wonder if he was thinking about the majority government and whether they would abide by rule of law, even when provoked ...


There is a very worthy glossary attached to the OOB.
For those skimming this material who need a little structure background, the basic org units run as follows:
Division (DIV) - 10-15K organized into Brigades
...Brigades (DBE) - 1st sub-unit
......Battalions (BN) - next sub-unit
......includes: Support Battalions (BSB, supply/support and BSTB, headquarters)
.........Company (CO) - sub-unit of Battalion
............Platoon (PT) - sub-unit of Company

IA - Iraqi Army
IAD - Iraqi Army Division
IGFC - Iraqi Ground Forces Command

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