Monday, January 29, 2007

A History of Rejectionist Attitudes and Their Consequences

It just struck me as hilarious that today's news contains an item that Iran is seeking to step up its ties with Iraq (I doubt there is much more than rhetorical face-off in this).

In History:

From the BBC, 22 April 2003:

The Arab world will fall after the fall of Baghdad, and all Road Maps which are presented to us [Arabs] are Road Maps of downfall and surrender.
Al-Watan - Qatar

The USA is making every effort to impose its will on the Arabs on the one hand, and serve the interests of Israel and the Zionists on the other.
Al-Bayan - United Arab Emirates

The US's only aim in this war was the occupation of Iraq and the misrepresentation of the Arabs.
Al-Dustur - Jordan

We are now witnessing a well-planned US colonisation in Iraq.
Al-Ra'y - Jordan

Everybody is asking whose turn is going to be next after Iraq. This is nothing other than the predominance of the law of the jungle.
Al-Ahram - Egypt

Appointing a military administrator to govern a sovereign and UN member country is not meant only to humiliate Iraq and its people, but is a humiliation for all independent countries and a blow to the UN.
Al-Vefagh - Iranian Arabic-language

Iraqis greet US administrator with anti-colonial demonstration.
Al-Quds Al-Arabi - London-based

Who is this controversial Gen Jay Garner?
Al-Arab al-Alamiyah - London-based

Tariq Aziz's aunt: Let them arrest him, he was part of the oppressive regime.
Al-Sharq al-Awsat - London-based

After the downfall of Taleban in Afghanistan and the Baathist regime in Iraq, Iran has been encircled by states which are America's friends.
Mardom Salari - Iran

A leading conservative figure recently said that the reformists and their newspapers have been intimidated by America and are acting miserably in order to make themselves immune to an American attack. In order to be fearful of something, you need to be intelligent enough. Some people may not be frightened because they are not intelligent enough to understand the danger.
Yas-e Now - Iran

Some political activists have been speaking about relations with America over the past few days, describing this as an opportunity to secure the country's national interests.
Resalat - Iran

After resolving the problem of Iraq by establishing a pro-American government in that country, the next priority in America's foreign policy will concern the options for expanding America's influence.
Iran - Iran

The American administration's first action after conquering Iraq has been stealing Iraq's oil. Only one week after the fall of Saddam's regime, America's war ministry as the guardian of the Iraqi nation concluded huge contracts with companies affiliated with American statesmen. The figures on some of these so-called reconstruction contracts amount to two billion dollars.
Jomhuri-ye Eslami - Iran

Update: After reading the last items above, check out Juan Cole on the matter (despite worthy analysis, sometimes his bias is just overwhelming):

I can't see what the big crisis is [over announced Iranian plans for "ties" to Iraq]. By the way, the Iranians are building an airport at Najaf to bring in the Shiite pilgrims, too. link

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